Traps - Rats, Mice

Traps - Rats, Mice

Is there a mouse in the house?

You might not see the mice, but you can probably hear them after dark, as mice are often more active at night. Don't be surprised if your pets paw at walls and cabinets where mice are hiding. Watch for mouse droppings and nests in storage areas, such as garages and basements. Nests are usually made of materials like bits of cloth or shredded paper. Or you can check for mouse tracks by dusting suspected areas with a light coating of unscented talcum powder or mason's chalk dust. Wait a day and then shine a flashlight across the area. If you notice small tracks in the powder, then you'll know that mice have been there.
A mousetrap is a specialized type of animal trap designed primarily to catch mice; however, it may also trap other small animals. Mousetraps are usually set in an indoor location where there is a suspected infestation of rodents. There are various types of mousetrap, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Larger traps are designed to catch other species of animals; such as rats, squirrels, other small rodents, or other animals.
Mouse traps
Mouse Snap Traps are the most common, Victor Mouse Traps, Trapper  Mini T-Rex are all good choices.   Trapping is appropriate when rodenticide is unwarranted or inappropriate and unsafe.  Traps should be used when the odor of the decomposing rodent is unacceptable.
Multi Catch Live Mouse Traps are known as the curiosity traps, traps such as Agies, Anstar, Catchmaster reusable Multi-Catch trap and Bell Labs Protecta are examples of these mouse traps.  
Mouse Glue Traps and Mouse Glue traps are available in mouse and rat size, as boards or trays as scented or unscented traps, covered or uncovered.

WCS™  Special Squirrel Trap - Front Release - 18 x 5 x 5 (1/2in Mesh )

WCS™ Special Squirrel Trap - Front Release - 18 x 5 x 5 (1/2in Mesh )

WCS™ Special Squirrel Trap - Front Release - 18 x 5 x 5 (1/2in Mesh ) We call this the "Special Squ..


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