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  • Demand CS by Syngenta - 8 Fl Oz

Demand CS, by Syngenta 8 fl oz

Product Features
Demand CS, by Syngenta is a general multi-purpose insecticide. Demand CS is a pyrethroid insecticide in a microencapsulated water-based formulation. This microencapsulation not only gives you a longer residual, but there is no stain. Demand CS can be applied at low concentrations, so you have less pesticide exposure.

Demand CS contains Lambda-Cyhalothrin 9.7 as an active ingredient.

Demand CS Features
•    May be used in food handling establishments
•    10-20 gallon yield-average. More for ornamental pests.
•    Targets over 30 insects
•    Quick knockdown, long residual 
•    Reduced applicator exposure 
•    No odor or staining 
•    Versatile labeling food handling uses 
•    Cost effective 
•    Demand CS can be used for both clean-out and maintenance.
•    Demand CS can be used outdoors and indoors.
•    Advanced, general purpose insecticide
•    Active Ingredients: lambda-cyhalothrin 9.7%

The Ideal Perimeter Protection
An advanced, general purpose insecticide Demand CS solves the difficult pest control problems in a variety of residential and commercial sites
Compared to older pyrethroid materials that have been used for many years with declining results, it is up to 200 times more active on flies and other animal health pests allowing lower rates. And it's designed not only to work better, but to work longer.

The active ingredient in Demand CS is released from the microencapsulated capsules. The mode of action comes from the insect coming in direct contact with the insect to the cuticle of the insect. Sometimes the insect will ingest it as it preens itself such as roaches.

Controls over 25 species of insect pests including: Ants Beetles Boxelder Bugs Carpet Beetles Centipedes Cigarette Beetles Cockroaches Crickets Firebrats Fleas Lesser Grain Borers Millipedes Mosquitoes Pillbugs Red Flour Beetles Rice Weevils Scorpions Silverfish Sowbugs Spiders Ticks Wasps

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Demand CS by Syngenta - 8 Fl Oz

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