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  • WCS™ Sparrow Sled Live Trap - Trap is 24Lx12Wx12H, Sled is 33Lx13.5Wx4H

WCS™ Sparrow Sled Live Trap (Trap is 24Lx12Wx12H and Sled is 33Lx13.5Wx4H)

The WCS Sparrow Sled is a unique two-chamber hanging trap designed for discreet applications in high traffic areas (think “big box” stores). The trap size is 24”L x 13”W x 13”H with a bottom sled measuring 33"L x 13.5"W x 4"D, allows for a large catch capacity while several exclusive features make it ideal for sensitive customers. Water bottles prevent birds from dehydrating and expiring and the sled provides the birds with an outer perching area and captures any droppings or other debris that may fall from the trap. The sled has the added benefit of obscuring the contents of the trap from view when observed from below. There is an inherent cable system which creates a harness for easily mounting or hanging the trap from girders.

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The Sparrow Sled's support cables and quick-release carabiner allow it to be quickly hung. It can be snapped onto any wire or rope loop or attached to a simple pulley system for easy baiting, checking and cleanout. (If you are hanging the trap with a pulley system, be sure that the line is fastened in a discreet location, preferably out of reach of passers-by to prevent tampering.)

The Sparrow Sled uses passive one-way doors. Working much like a lobster trap, these doors allow the sparrows to pass though in one direction only: into the holding chamber. The dual-chamber design provides added security against escapes. Bait the first chamber to entice the birds into the trap. Place food and water in the second chamber to help move them forward and sustain them for the duration of their stay. Be certain to check the trap at intervals established by your state’s laws, and more often if possible. By checking the trap frequently and maintaining the levels of food and water you will minimize trap fatalities.

Two water bottles are provided, each with two mounting options. Using the spring or the bracket (this is a matter of personal preference) mount them in the water cage with the necks extending into the holding chamber. A bag of "Sparrow Treat" is also included. Sparrow Treat is a mix of millets, a great attractant to sparrows!

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WCS™ Sparrow Sled Live Trap - Trap is 24Lx12Wx12H, Sled is 33Lx13.5Wx4H

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