Safeguard 53825 Multi-Catch Extender - Large

Large Safeguard Multi-Catch Extender which measures  30"L x 4 7/8"W x 4 7/8"H. It has two (2) interior spring-loaded  doors and a sliding rear door for ease of releasing captured animals.  Squirrel,Fox Squirrel.

The Multi-Catch Extender (Large) fits into a Safeguard one-way controller (#53110)  as shown, and its' purpose is to allow the multiple capture of squirrels  and allowing them to move "away" from the entry point so the initial  spring-loaded door is NOT BLOCKED. You can easily catch 3-5 squirrels in  one setting with the Extender.

Setting Instructions: Fasten a Safeguard one-way controller (#53110) over the entry hole which is leading into a structure using the wings of the controller and washers with drywall screws as anchors. Slide the open end of the Multi-Catch Extender into the open end of the one-way controller. It is advisable to connect the two units with a plastic zip tie or small pieces of tie wire.When squirrels are captured, you undo the zip ties or wires holding the extender to the controller and take the squirrels away to be released via the rear sliding door. Once all of the squirrels have been removed from the structure, removethe one-way controller from over the hole and properly seal the opening using hardware cloth,metal flashing, etc.

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Safeguard 53825 Multi-Catch Extender - Large

  • Brand: Safeguard Wildlife
  • Product Code: NWS53825
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