Fresh Wave 8 oz. Spray - SINGLE

Fresh Wave naturally eliminates odors. No masking fragrances, no harsh chemicals. Fresh Wave attracts, captures and neutralizes odors--leaving a clean, natural-smelling environment. This innovative product has an active ingredient (Ecosorb) that controls the full spectrum of odors using natural, organic compounds. Simply shake the container lightly and mist throughout the home, office or in the car to immediately remove offensive odors. Can also be sprayed on fabric to add freshness.

With Fresh Wave Original Spray, you can have fresh air everywhere. Mist your rooms with this 8 oz. odor-removing spray and erase any odors lingering in the air. For odors from pets, kids, or smoke trapped in your surfaces and fabrics, spritz this deodorizing spray directly onto any countertops, furniture, bedding, or clothes (just make sure they’re water-safe first). Made with plant oils, this Original Spray has a light, balanced scent, and the active ingredients make it a true odor remover. It’s not just covering up smells, it’s getting rid of them for good.


Inside every Fresh Wave product you’ll find our proven blend of odor-removing plant oils. Never made with harsh chemical, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances, our pet sprays, shampoos, and laundry boosters are safer for people, pets, and planet.


Our proven blend of plant oils attracts, absorbs, and neutralizes odor molecules in the air and on surfaces. These natural, active ingredients aren’t just covering up bad smells with other smells—they’re getting rid of odors for good. Made without the synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals you’ll find in traditional air fresheners, Fresh Wave leaves behind a breath of fresh air and nothing else.


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Fresh Wave 8 oz. Spray - SINGLE

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