• Spectre 2SC (15oz)

Spectre 2SC (15oz)

Spectre 2 SC Insecticide (15 oz) kills certain pests and gives long lasting residual control. It is generally an odorless, non-repellant insecticide that insects cannot sense. Pests can even spread it to other pests, once it comes in contact with the product.

Target Pests:  Acrobat ants, Argentine ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, Pharaoh ants, pyramid ants, Asian lady beetles, confused flour beetles, darkling larvae beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles, bed bugs, boxelder bugs, American cockroaches, Asian cockroaches, brown banded cockroaches, German cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, smoky brown cockroaches, European earwigs, and other listed pests

Active Ingredient: Chlorfenapyr 21.45%     EPA # 91234-24-53883

Use Sites: inside residential structures, commercial areas (including food handling establishments, food service, storage, preparation, and processing areas), meat, poultry and egg plants, institutional areas and warehousing establishments.

Effective Against: Ants, Beetles, bed bugs, cockroaches, house crickets, house flies and more.

Active Ingredients: 21.45% Chlorfenapyr

Restrictions: Restricted Use in Connecticut and New York

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Spectre 2SC (15oz)

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