Optigard Flex Liquid 8oz (single bottle)

Product Overview

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Breaking the boundaries of common pest control.

Optigard® Flex liquid insecticide, with the active ingredient thiamethoxam features a non-repellent chemistry with flexible application methods that can control pests both indoors and outdoors.

Key Features
  • Features a non-repellent, versatile formulation that goes where it’s needed – inside or outside, including food handling areas*, as a liquid or foam
  • Helps control honeydew-producing insects found in landscape environments that serve as food sources for ants
  • Contains advanced non-repellent chemistry with low use rates that help transfer the product throughout social insect colonies


*Newly approved EPA claim and may not yet be available on existing Optigard Flex product in the marketplace.  Applications must be made according to the label on the package you are using.

Key Benefits

  • Enables pest management professionals to make more targeted applications, using less active ingredient and minimizing the amount of chemical used
  • Thiamethoxam offers both contact and ingestion activity against a wide range of economically important pests such as ants, cockroaches and drywood termites, ensuring more complete control with fewer callbacks
  • Effective as a zone treatment, general surface spray and crack-and-crevice application, providing flexibility for technicians and reducing the number of products needed to complete a treatment

Increased Control with Systemic Action


One of the most popular food sources for many ant species is honeydew, which is produced by homopterous insects such as scales, aphids and mealy bugs that feed on landscape vegetation. To control these insects, apply Optigard Flex to either the soil beneath plants or to the foliage of plants. These non-repellent products move through the plant systemically to help control homopterous pests.


For control of listed pests: including cockroaches, ants (except carpenter ants and Pharaoh ants), fire ants, yellow jackets, wasps and beetles. For control of localized infestations of drywood termites, subterranean termites, carpenter bees, and wood destroying beetles and borers.

Active Ingredient(s): Thiamethoxam

HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification: Group 4A Insecticide

EPA#: 100-1306


  • Single item - 8OZ bottle, or 12 bottles in a case.

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Optigard Flex Liquid 8oz

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