Niban Granular Bait - 10 lb

Niban Granular Bait - moisture-resistant granular bait that controls earwigs, silverfish, snails and other insects, both indoors and outdoors. Doesn't degrade in sunlight or heat and can last through up to 6 inches of rain.

Niban Granular Bait delivers broad spectrum attack.  It offers pest management professionals a perimeter bait that stands alone and practically eradicates call backs.  Virtually odorless and weatherized, it's the industry's longest lasting granular bait, and is the best seller in the U.S. With the active ingredient boric acid (5%), Niban Granular works as a low-toxicity bait, as well as a bait that contaminates and kills cockroach and other pest colonies, versus killing only the individual pest.

  • Won't degrade in sunlight or heat
  • Lasts through 4 inches of rain and won't mold
  • Proven superior attractants
  • Kills the whole ant colony
  • Has virtually no odor
  • Non staining formulation
  • Mega mix of attractants to increase uptake by pests year round
  • Provides excellent perimeter treatment
  • Metaldehyde free
  • Borate based and formulated with a concern for the environment

Target Pest:  Ants, carpenter ants, cockroaches, crickets, mole crickets, silverfish, earwigs, slugs, snails

For use on:  Indoors, outdoors, wood decks, concrete walkways, sensitive areas

Active Ingredient:  Orthoboric Acid 5%


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Niban Granular Bait 10lb

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