WCS™ Wooden Rabbit Trap Double Door with 1 oz. Apple Essence

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How do you improve on a single door wooden rabbit trap? Give it a second door! The Double Door WCS™ Wooden Rabbit Trap lets the rabbit see all the way through the trap so it feels more comfortable going after the bait. WCS™ Wooden Rabbit Traps are the preferred rabbit traps for professionals, specifically designed for capturing rabbits that refuse to go into a wire cage. Their simple design was "borrowed" from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, who published a document on capturing cottontail rabbits. Anyone who has tried to get a rabbit to go into a wire cage knows that it isn't that easy. Rabbits appear to be more comfortable entering a wooden box.

This trap also works for Woodchucks, Armadillos, and Skunks.

The all wooden rabbit trap measures 36" x 7.5" x 9" and is constructed  of 3/4" pine. You could stain the exterior (ONLY) with a green stain or  allow the trap to weather to give it the "aged" look.

Trap comes with a 1 oz. bottle of WCS Apple Essence.

Note: If using for skunk, please call, as we will substitute a 4 oz. jar of Rosebud Skunk Bait for the Apple Essence.

Target Pests: Rabbit, Skunk, Woodchuck, Groundhog, Armadillo

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WCS™ Wooden Rabbit Trap Double Door

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