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  • Vanish Raccoon Eviction Paste Tube (13g) - E-Z APPLICATOR

Vanish Raccoon Eviction Paste - E-Z APPLICATOR (13g)

VANISH - a raccoon eviction paste. Vanish is a natural by-product of boar raccoon, which are predators to female raccoons during the birthing period. When placed in a den area, the female instinctively senses that a danger to her young is nearby. It has the consistency of a thick, creamy paste and has been formulated to stand up well in all weather conditions. Easy to handle, it will stay where it is placed.


Now available in an easy-to-use tube syringe applicator - approximate 13 grams net weight - just enough for 2 to 3 applications. Best when used with a recoverable applicator such as a tennis ball or rag. Vanish is an excellent choice for inaccessible areas, chimneys, and attics.

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Vanish Raccoon Eviction Paste Tube (13g) - E-Z APPLICATOR

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